Elegant Themes is getting a big chunk WordPress market. They have over 400,000 customers and 50 workers in its 8 years of operation. Their flagship product, Divi, is now the most popular paid WordPress theme.

Elegant Themes hail themselves as the proud leader in premium WordPress theme and plugin market. They’ve create website templates and tools that are so elegant (no pun intended) yet so easy-to-use.

Born in a College Apartment

Nick Roach, its CEO, made his first website during middle school for his band using a simple website builder. This introduced him to web development. He, then, taught himself to code and eventually created video tutorials about it.

Growing up, he always had a knack of creating and selling stuff – like wind chimes and candies on vials. Thus, selling website templates came naturally.

He founded Elegant Themes while in college. He offered his customers a new WordPress theme every month for a membership fee. His first customers were his subscribers on his online tutorial videos. Business grew steadily.

With growth, time became an issue. He was spending a lot of time on emailing customer that making new themes got difficult. He dropped-out of college and went full-time with Elegant Themes.

Competition and Innovation

Most websites are using WordPress. While this was a good for the company, a lot of competition sprung up and saturated the market. Sales began to flatline and they needed to innovate.

The team decided to halt making new themes and focused on making Divi. Surely, it angered customers as the deal was a new theme for each month. Sales plummeted and they needed to deliver.

All changed when Divi was released. When their competition were throwing in the towel, Elegant Themes had their second life. The theme was well-received that third-party products are being created around it.

Divi, The Perfect Product

Elegant Themes knew their clients – most were freelance website designers for various professions and businesses. They need a theme that can be customize for any purpose. Divi was it.

With Divi, the design possibilities are limitless. It provided web designers with modules they can mix-and-match to create different website concepts. They were no longer trapped on pre-designed themes that offers little for creativity.

Also, newbies can build websites easily with Divi’s ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ feature – it’s as easy as doing a PowerPoint presentation. What’s more surprising, Elegant Theme offered Divi – together with 86 more themes and 5 plugins – for an insanely low price of $89.00!

Divi was developed and packaged that it is irresistible.



Community and Content

They call themselves DiviNation – the horde of loyal Elegant Themes users. Nick said that the community is a part of the subscription. A group wherein needs of the customers can be addressed.

Besides from the company’s dedicated customer support, the Elegant Themes and the community have created relevant contents intended to help its members. Whether via blog, podcast or Youtube, the DiviNation has produced value information on design, technology and entrepreneurship.

Also, the community is generous in sharing their Divi templates and ideas. Asking for examples and tips will be met with warm response.

Third-party developers, which is encouraged by Elegant Themes, added more value resources to the community.

DiviNation has made the Elegant Themes experience more delightful.

Dominating the market

Elegant Themes did great things that propelled them to the top. They created a top-notch product, built a vibrant community and pumped out awesome content.

Divi, with its affordable price, is now the most used premium WordPress theme. It has great features and support that made customers proud about their purchase.

DiviNation has turned to be an awesome source of leads as members spread the word about Elegant Themes.

Also, the Elegant Themes blog is so rich with information it is ranking on search engines and shared on social media. The company’s website  is generating an average of 1.2 million page views daily.

Elegant Themes is truly a leader in the WordPress premium themes and plugin market.

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